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Wetsuit Accessories | Beach Ready

Ideal for the modern water sports enthusiast, our range of wetsuit accessories are essential for a trip to the beach. 

We have a mix of board and gliders in stock including the fantastic Hydro Force Aqua Glider SUP this comes in an inflatable style and weighs less than an equivalently sized hardboard, and it's easy to roll up and fit in the boot of your car. Or there is our bodyboards that come in various sizes and colours Yello 42" Slick Corp Bodyboard-ANY so let the fun begin!

One of our best sellers is the SOLA Waterproof Changing Coat -BLUE or our SOLA Waterproof Changing Coat -KHAKI. Perfect for the beach and outdoors beyond, this garment is ideal for anyone looking to quickly and discretely change. 

The SOLA 3mm Titanium D/L Wetsuit Gloves is perfect for surfers, 3mm Titanium Double Lined Glove is just one of our many we have in stock. 

Ideal for the younger beachgoers, the Volkswagen Girls Hooded Poncho Towel is Official VW kids hooded poncho towel and perfect for drying off at the beach or swimming pool. 

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