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Kids Wetsuits | Let the fun begin!

We have the best stock of kids wetsuits for all your needs in Donegal, Ireland. Ideal for all ages and sizes of kids looking for some fun in the water or for the more sports enthusiast. Our range covers all the best brands of kids wetsuits and accessories has everything you need to keep your kid comfortably and warm.

Our kids wetsuits are available in a range of colours and we are sure you will find the right one to keep those little faces smiling. Our Osprey Origin 5mm Kids Full Wetsuit is a sure winning with a 5mm body with features to protection from the elements. From 7 to 14 year old sizes the Sola Kids Storm Wetsuit 3/2-GRAPHITE GRN and is great for all round water-sports use. 

Available in a range of colours is the TWF XT3 3mm Kids Full Wetsuit, it comes in TWF XT3 3mm Kids Full Wetsuit -RED, TWF XT3 Kids Wetsuit-MIDNIGHTCAMO, and TWF XT3 Kids Wetsuit -PINK. A 3mm neoprene wetsuit is our Typhoon Storm3 Kids 3/2mm Full Wetsuit-BLACK and we have a range of shorty wetsuits including the Urban Beach Kids Shorty Wetsuit-RED in red or blue.

For the younger kids we have girls and boys wetsuits in a range of featured colours including our Yello Girls Basking Shortie Wetsuit and Volkswagen Girls Short Wetsuit and for small boys is the Osprey Infants Octopus Shorty Wetsuit-BLUE. But have a full check over all our kid's wetsuits above to see what we have available in stock for you.

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