Wetsuit sizing, care and returns

Follow these tips to check the right fit without damaging the wetsuit

⦁ Open online packages extremely carefully without damaging the product with a sharp object
⦁ Make sure you keep tags intact and attached until you are certain of the fit, and also keep any packaging
⦁ Firstly put your legs in to the wetsuit and pull it up to your waist. If it feels tight on your legs this might mean that the suit is not large enough for you. DO NOT attempt to pull up a suit that is too tight in the legs. Finger nails can easily damage wetsuits if force is used. Damage caused in this way is non refundable.
⦁ Once you have your legs and backside in the suit if it feels comfortable you can then insert your arms. If the suit now feels too tight with your arms inserted DO NOT attempt to zip it shut. Wetsuits can rip if too much force is used to try and zip them up. Damage caused in this way is also non refundable.
⦁ If you think the suit is going to be too tight do not force it. Stop trying to put it on and you can post it back to us or return it to the shop. We will issue a refund as long as the suit is in perfect condition. A replacement size can be bought on our site, or an exchange can be made instore.

Measuring Tips

⦁ Measure chest, height and waist in CM, ensuring you measure at the widest point of the chest, not under the armpits. This is the most important measurement when getting a suit to fit.
⦁ Follow the size guides for each brand which will be different. These are for guidance only and cannot guarantee a perfect fit.
⦁ Match the chest first followed by height. If you are near the larger chest size on the guide it might be advisable to go for the next size up.
⦁ Wetsuits are not sized the same way as normal clothes you may be a different size in a wetsuit to your everyday clothing.



⦁ Wetuits that are returned must be packaged in the correct manner and not folded or rolled up in such a way that a crease will be caused. Do not fold them in half from arm to arm - this causes a permanent crease. They need to be treated carefully and packaged properly. We cannot refund or exchange wetsuits that have been damaged or creased.
⦁ You can return your wetsuit with An Post or a courier - it is advisable to track your package. We cannot refund or exchange goods lost in transit. The customer is responsible for the cost of the return.
⦁ Allow up to a week for your refund to processed and bear in mind that your money may take longer to return to your account.