Joluvi Thermolite Classic 2 Pack Sock-CHERRY



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Joluvi Thermolite Classic 2 Pack Sock

  • Fantastic everyday sock with padded areas that provide protection to the parts most exposed to pressure and chafing
  • For this reason, a feeling of relaxation and low stress is achieved in the feet that allow us to achieve a higher performance
  • With reinforced areas that provide greater durability to the garment without loss of comfort or performance
  • It contributes to the durability of the product
  • Very soft inner areas that drastically reduce the possibility of chafing with an added feeling of comfort in the parts of the foot that have a high probability of rubbing
  • This help prevent the formation of blisters and/or calluses
  • Constructed seamlessly to reduce potential friction points to prevent chafing
  • With an anatomical shape that hugs the foot.
  • Fabrics with Thermolite ®, a very light fibre that provides warmth and comfort even when wet
  • Due to its properties, it can be compared with other thicker materials
  • Thermolite ® is particularly suitable as a first layer
  • Its hollow fibre technology traps air and provides very high thermal insulation
  • Its construction promotes perspiration by removing moisture from the skin
  • The drying time is 40% shorter compared to cotton
  • All this is achieved without losing freedom of movement
  • Keeping you warm and dry in any situation, helping to keep you in your comfort zone
  • Size XS to L